Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Buddy System

I really believe there are people that come into your life for a reason. Whether they be friends or family, certain people come & go and there are the others that stick around for the long haul. My sister has obviously been in my life since she was born but we didn't really know each other or respect each other till we were adults & mom's. It probably doesn't hurt that she moved in next door to me :) We share stories of motherhood, work, have family dinners & even date nights. I can finally say that she is probably a best friend of mine. Then there is my best friend from 9th grade. Angie and I have gotten married & raised our babies together. We have an amazing friendship & she is my most recent workout pal! I also have people that I never would have thought I would have in my started after I had baby #2....I was just some in-experienced fat chick trying to lose the I tried class after class, trying to find one that I could actually do, but even more so, one that made me want to go again, an instructor that motivated me, a feeling of happiness. I found it in that gym...first there was Jessica. She was gorgeous and worked hard at it. She was powerful. Then Ashley & again I was amazed at how awesome she was. She was strong & determined. Then came Greg & Teri & along the way, fellow gym fanatic's, Karem, Diana, Scott...the list continues on and on. I sit here today calling all these people friends & I never would have thought that 3yrs ago. These people are all on their own journey's and I always thought they were out my friend league...but here we are, Friends.

These people not only motivate me but encourage, support & ass-kick, when needed.They are my Buddy System. They may not know how much they mean to me or to my journey but it's a hell of a lot. They are what keep me going and no matter how many times I hear "you need to motivate yourself", I need these people to keep me going sometimes and I'm so happy that I have such a huge group to go to. I feel at home with them and actually look forward to seeing them at every matter how hard the class may push me I know that they are there to catch me.

So as much as this is sort of a Thanks to all these people who mean so much but this also sort of a suggestion to get a Buddy System of your own. And it may be someone you already see all the never know. That one person you think would never say a word to you could one day be the same person that gives you a nickname or makes up phrases for you, like my current F@#k Yeah!

Sis & I

(L to R) Scott, Teri, Diana, Greg, Jessica & Me
Karem, Me & Ashley
Angie & I

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