Monday, April 21, 2014

Motivational Monday!

Well, it's been 1 week on weight watchers...technically I started counting points on Saturday but I started my official week Monday when I could attend a meeting and weigh in. So I weighed myself on my scale Friday the 11th at home and I was 195.4lbs, yuck! I then weighed in on Monday at the meeting and was either down a pound or their scale is off a pound...whatever...I'm going to go by the meeting weight. So I weighed in this am and I'm down 1.2lbs (I'll take it since flow came to town this am) I've done well with my tracking and since I've been seeing the chiropractor (back & hip issues) I feel much better in the gym, so I've been back at it...racking up 41 activity points!!! So how I follow the program is, I eat my daily and I try to eat most of the weekly allowance. Doing that, I hope to lose 1-2lbs every week. If I start to see that I'm not losing at some point, I may have to eat a bit of my activity points as well. We shall see how it goes...I'm just happy that I'm on the right track!

So this week, im on an incentive program per Greg ;). I planning on doing 4 days of cardio & 2 days of weights....And then it's Girls Weekend!!! My 3 closest gym pals and I are headed to the beach for the weekend, and boy do I need it. I'm not sure if we will be exercising so my diet will have to be on point, literally. I'm hoping for another loss next week even though I'll be gone for 3 will happen!

Just being more positive about myself and what I'm doing, I can already see changes in my mental state. I feel better. That's always a good thing. Bottom Line...Be Positive! Love yourself...Believe in yourself. YOU are the only one standing in your way.

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  1. Nice loss. good luck this week, have fun on your girls weekend! I've developed a moto, act the way you want to feel. If I want to feel good, I act like I feel good and eventually I find that I'm not really acting.