Monday, April 14, 2014

Motivational Monday!

First, I wanted to thank you out there...I was scared to put up that last post...I didn't want to seem like a fraud, although I've never claimed to be doing this all naturally, I hate that I was keeping something from you guys, so thanks for the love.

After that last post, I was thinking about the last 5 months....what was I doing to make me gain the weight? I knew I wasn't working out as much as I used to so was that the problem? I thought I had been eating relatively okay as what was it? Without another thought I ran up to a local Weight Watchers and joined immediately. I needed to get back on track and I thought this would be the best course of action...

Saturday was my first day on it. I get 29 points per day & 49 weekly to spend on one day or spread out through the week. We were headed to the beach so I packed prepped for the day out there. I wanted to do this right. So this was my day:

Breakfast: 1/2cup Dark Chocolate Multi Grain Cheerios with 1/4 cup 2% milk.
Snack: Fresh Fruit Salad
Lunch: Light English muffin with turkey breast, fat free cheese, fat free mayo, mustard & salsa
Snack: 1/2cup Pistacios
Dinner: Grilled Chicken & green beans

Now this all looks good right? Hit my points and everything was fine...but I was starving in between lunch and dinner because my breakfast wasn't very we got home and I had chips & salsa & a cookie....ugh, I tried not to beat myself up over it and put them under my weekly so in just 1 day I had eaten my full points & almost half of my weekly. Boom! There was my problem....I was eating too much. You think that would have been obvious to me but it just a wasn't...I really didn't think I ate that much. But once I started tracking and watching, even for just one day, I knew that was the problem. I made better choices on Sunday and had a more filling breakfast to help stave off the hunger throughout the day & I didn't use any weekly! I'm feeling good and actually have my first meeting tonight. I'm looking forward to this again. I did WW after all my pregnancies and I really enjoyed the group meetings. 

I'll keep you posted along the way and maybe even have a weight watchers giveaway at the end of the month.

I'm going to get through whatever this funk is that I'm going through right now, I just have to take it one day at a time, 1 point at a time...i will get back to the point I was 5 months ago...I can stop now, I wont stop....Sometimes we just have to make some adjustments & look a little closer at what is going on....

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  1. I always knew I ate a lot, but I stayed very active too ... but it wasn't until I started tracking that I realized just how much I was eating, and that while some days, yes, I was very active, other days (weekends) I wasn't. I've been tracking on MFP almost a year now. I get calorie burn estimates from my Fitbit. I really TRY to keep the intake below the burn but it is a challenge. Knowledge is power though, better to know, and simply writing down what you are eating makes you much more aware and conscious, even if you are specifically counting calories.

  2. I find tracking is one of the most effective weight-loss tools ever..I am sure as you continue tracking your eating habits will change for the better..good luck on your journey :)

  3. Tracking helped me SO much! And weight watchers was a God send- besides not paying enough attention to HOW much I was putting in, I wasn't really noticing how bad some of the stuff was. Good luck!!

  4. Stay encouraged! Great job going to WW!! Looking forward to reading more about the journey! PROTEIN!!! Breakfast should be high in protein find veggies like spinach and kale low in points high in protein and mix em with some eggs.

  5. I don't do weight watchers, but I count calories. Either way I think it is very hard to know unless you keep track. I never wanted to do But I can consume so much food, and still seem hungry. So glad I linked up with Motivation Monday and found your blog. We are all in this together.

  6. I use Myfitnesspal, more so to track my macros rather than my calories. It helps! Btw, I've nominated you for a Leibster award