Sunday, May 11, 2014

Motivational Monday...back at it!

After a 2 week long hiatus, I'm back...and hopefully back on track this time. I've been doing Weight Watchers for the last few weeks and it's been going well. I lost 4lbs in the first 2 weeks and then this past week we had a lot going on a didn't track...and I weigh in today so let's hope it goes well. I also haven't worked out since getting home from girls weekend...I just wasn't into it and I wanted to try to get my food under control, let's hope my planned worked. 

So, my birthday is coming up....4 weeks exactly and honestly, I had hoped I'd be at goal by now but what can ya do? I'm starting again tomorrow and I'm going treats, no skipping workouts, nothing! I will do this and be my best self by my birthday. It's been hard staying in track. Kids, husband, life in's hard and I find lots of's my go to. It's something I've always done and it's just easier to do then to face my fears. I did it my whole life...only thing was there was no one to get me out of it. Nowadays I have all these people around me who support me and are there for me...especially when I need a good ass kicking! That's great for me...but that doesn't stop me from making excuses. Sometimes I catch myself pretty quickly and snap out of it...other times, I think about it later and am sad that I didn't make a better choice. I'd love to know if the whole "excuse" thing will ever go away. With that being one of my biggest problems, I sure hope so....

I need that motivation back...I need the body I was really happy with back (below)...

What do you do when you've lost your Motivation? What do you do to get back on track & stay there? Let's share our ideas and support one another!

Happy Monday! 

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  1. I am the Queen of excuses when it comes to sliding off track. I joined WW last Monday and have been doing really well with tracking my food. I look at pictures of myself from this time last year and I notice the confidence I had. I'm disappointed that I've gone backwards instead of forward. A lot of my motivation comes from reading certain blogs. But the greatest motivation is I want that confidence back and to look fierce for my upcoming wedding :)