Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Falling off the wagon....

And into a 20ft ditch with nothing to grab onto.

It's an awful feeling, failure. And I folks, have failed.

I'm not eating right, I'm not working out much & I'm up to 195lbs. It's not everyday...some days I eat right, other weeks I work out everyday but then other days I eat a sheet cake and don't move from the couch....a little far strung but feels like a reality. Things in my life have me struggling a bit. Family, friends, school commitments....but that shouldn't matter.
For whatever reason, I've let myself slip through the cracks when I used to not skip a workout for anything. I think I'm probably just a little burnt out and I think that's normal. But I really need to get my shit together! Another birthday is approaching and I'm so mad that I'm heavier. My girlfriends may not see it, the husband may not see it but I see it, loud & clear. My belly is back & it's the hardest part to lose and just when I thought I had gotten over the worst of it, I'm back up 20lbs and it feels like it's not going anywhere. I re-joined weight watchers which I haven't been following...but isn't that always how it goes....
I need to find that passion again, that fight to get fit no matter what. I'm hoping with the kids being out of school and less time dealing with all of their activities I'll get back on track. Whatever way I get there, I need to get back to that girl quickly...or before I know it I'll be up even more and I can't let that happen. I made a promise to myself that after this last baby I would lose the weight, not only for myself but for my husband & my kids.
I will do it but I guess I'm just going through a fitness slump....somebody snap me out of it!


  1. But I totally feel you. I was doing pretty well and then I broke a sesamoid bone in my foot. I haven't worked out since February and it is still hurting now. (Then we got pregnant with our 2nd child.) I feel like I will never lose the weight again! I know I can, but it's hard to see my weight slowly go up.

  2. I was feeling the same way. Tried on bras in the store yestrerday and seeing my mid section hanging out was the motivation I needed to get back to it! Ithink sometimes we just need to take a break but it's hard to take a break and not gain it all back!

  3. Every time we 'fail'...we learn. You can do this! :)

  4. You have not failed if you get up and try again. You can do it! Try to get the kids involved! It's always good yo teach them about food and exercise.