Sunday, July 6, 2014

3-Day Refresh Day 1 Recap

So the decision to do this Refresh was because I saw some pretty awesome results from others and I've creeped up on the scale to a number I never wanted to see again....I cried this morning when I saw 200lbs......I can't tell you how much emotion that brings up in me. And normally, all that emotion would make me eat a sheet cake. Instead, I'm on this damn cleanse. So I had no idea what the refresh was. What it made you eat, what supplements it gave, nada. I just ordered it and waited....well, it's a little intimidating. You eat only fruits, vegetables & healthy fats (in certain portion sizes) and the shakes & fiber drinks that come in the package. The booklet they give you is pretty good, very informative and detailed. I read it all the way through & shopped yesterday for everything I needed.

I was ready to go last night....took pics & measurements. I got up, drank my morning shake & had my 1/2 a banana and went to spin class....that's where my good day ended. The fiber drink was horrible & gritty...everything that you don't want in something you have to chug quickly. I got it down though and went on my way. The plus side to it would be it kept me pretty full which is good considering I've barely eaten. Lunch was the Vanilla Fresh shake with a fruit, veggie & healthy fat. So I did things I thought would keep me full. (1/2 banana, 3/4c broccoli florets & some olive oil) I sort of split them up so I could stave off the hunger. I've been starving all day. The shake was not the greatest by any stretch of the imagination. And I have to have it again at dinner so I'm trying to turn it into some sort of ice cream situation in hopes that makes it better. (Just blended it & added some cinnamon, freeze) I paired that with the dinner recipe from the back of the book titled Lemony Green Beans. Seriously, it's just green beans with lemon. Again, have I mentioned I'm starving? I've drank more water today then I can remember just because I need to have something in my stomach which I guess is a good thing but I have a horrible headache.

I started this today because my husband wouldn't be home & I figured him not here would be more helpful...yeah, no. My go to thing when life is out of control is food and this day has made me want to eat everything in the house! It doesn't help that I'm hungry.....oh, food I miss you. 

Stepped on the scale this morning & this is what I saw: -1.4lbs

So here is hoping Day 2 goes a little better....

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