Sunday, July 6, 2014

3 - Day Refresh

Let me just apologize for being completely absent's been one of those months where I have had so much to do and just no time to get it all done....

So the family and I just got back from vacation and I'm definitely feeling the effects of what I ate....although I tried to watch it & did get in a couple miles every night, I am tired and full so I know I didn't behave myself as well as I should have. Anyways, I've seen my FB feed blow up with all these amazing results from Beachbody's 3 - Day Refresh program. It is a brand new program that hasn't been out long but already people are loving it. 

I can see why!

So I reached out to my friend who is a coach and she hooked me up with the full kit (minus the month supply of shakeology) It was delivered today and I immediately ran to the store to plan my 3 days. I'll be honest, looking through the booklet made me a little nervous. It's pretty restrictive and made me think about not doing it. It's 3 days of shakes, fiber drink & lots of fruits and veggies. That's it. No meat, No dairy, No sugar. And for someone that's not a huge vegetable person, I'm a bit scared. But I need this. I need to lose my vacation belly, cut the cravings & get back on track....and I'm hoping this will do it. 

I'm going to be posting all my meals in Instagram and will be checking in with you in the FB page. For now, here are my starting stats:

Weight: 200.2lbs (yikes!)
Waist Measurement: 41"
Hip Measurement: 48.5"

My goal for this cleanse is to stick completely to everything and do this at 100%! I want to do it right for once and have great results! So follow along with me and let's all just pray for the best, lol 

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  1. Hi Morgan, good luck with the 3 day refresh. I know you can do it!
    I'm thinking on also doing it but I'm scared on using shakes. Lately is being so hard for me to stick to a plan and the weight keeps crawling in.
    Hey I'm also in Orlando feel free to email me perhaps we can be accountability bodies, I need all the help/ motivation I can get. :)