Thursday, September 25, 2014

Watching my weight

Eating is my biggest struggle when it comes to losing weight. I thoroughly enjoy working out & honestly, it's the only break I get from the kids during the day. Are there times I don't make it? Sure and I usually yell at myself later but there are just those days with 3 kids that I just can't get I have to do something around here to get it done. But food.....delicious's my weakness. So when I need to make a change, it comes from the food direction. My decision to start weight watchers wasn't a hard one. I've done it before after each baby. I've tried to do it on my own in years past but it never works out the same. I need the meetings. I need the accountability. So I joined back a few weeks ago and I am trying my hardest to stay on track. First week I was on program, I didn't do very well, I didn't track, I didn't watch my foods and I felt it on the scale that next weigh in day when I gained 3 pounds. I was so mad at and told myself I had to do it better next time so I started again and at my meeting yesterday I weighed in at 3.4 pounds less than I did last week. So I lost the 3 pounds I put on and then some. I'll take it!

So this week started my 3rd week on program and so far, I've been doing really good. Watching my points & getting creative with my cooking.

Strawberry Shortcake 3pts

Taco Salad 6pts

I've been posting these photos on Instagram so make sure you follow me there as well as give the points values. If you ever want me to re-vamp a recipe, let me know!

So here's hoping to changing my outlook on food and this whole weight loss struggle....the struggle will always be there if I don't change my eating habits. 

So here it goes.....

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  1. Newbie here! That strawberry shortcake looks delicious! And those notebooks, oh my goodness...