Sunday, October 7, 2012

And I'm feeling.....Good!

Duh nah, ba boom, duh me some Michael Buble'....back to this week. Well I did well, lost 1 1/2" & 2.8lbs this week. Worked out quite a bit and cut out a lot of my usual junk...put together some more recent before/after pics...really show that although I haven't lost a lot of lbs these last few months I am really starting to get leaner which is the ultimate goal. I obsess with that stupid number on the scale as do most women. I've had to learn that the number doesn't mean everything...just because the scale isn't moving doesn't mean you give up. I have learned that usually when that happens to me I start to lose inches and thats overall the goal.

This week I am going to sit down & plan out my week of eating so I can really get down to business...seeing as the hubby has training this week I can be a little more strict. So less junk & more whole grains this week...I also just got a jogging stroller so I can go for some runs with the kiddos...

Have a great week & remember to not get discouraged, you are not a number....don't get obsessed with it.