Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Skinny Recipes

So this week I embarked on making some comfort foods of mine, healthy...here is how I did!
Turkey Pot Pie
So my husband smoked a whole turkey over the weekend & we had sooo much leftovers that I had to come up with something & since the weather has been a bit cooler & hello?!!! It is fall I made a comfort food..Turkey Pot Pie.
1lb Turkey Breast cooked
1bag frozen mixed veggies (i used the birdseye corn,green beans,carrots)
4 small red potatoes,cubed
1can 98% fat free cream of chicken
1/2can 98% ff cream of mushroom
1cup chicken stock
Salt & pepper to taste
1can Pillsbury Biscuits, flattened out
Saute the veggies until tender. Add the turkey & soups & chicken stock & let simmer for about 15min. Then pour into baking dish and top with biscuits. You can omit these & just do mashed potatoes or even healthier, mashed cauliflower! I went biscuits cause I wanted that comfort level & the calories....
Bake at 375' till golden brown! Only 332 calories & serves 8 people....
So next recipe is one I found on Pinterest...love me some pins!!
Cheesy Quinoa
Some of you may not know what this is but it's freakin awesome & healthful all on it's own...but I jazzed it up with some cheese & broccoli & it's heavenly.....
1cup dry Quinoa
1cup chicken stock
1cup water
1/4 of a brick of sharp chedder, i used cabot & go for sharp for that full flavor
1cup frozen Broccoli
1/4cup Egg Beaters
10squirts butter spray & if you didn't know "squirt" is a technical term(that's what she said, lol)
Salt & pepper to taste
So the way to add a bit more flavor to the quinoa is to add a bit of stock, you can use this tip for whole wheat pasta as well! 2 to 1 ratio on the quinoa so 1cup water & 1cup stock & 1cup quinoa, bring to a boil then cover,simmer & fluff. Once cooked, add cheese & 5 squirts of butter then add the egg nice & slowly so it doesn't scramble. Then add broccoli & put into a pam sprayed baking dish. I added a sprinkle of breadcrumbs & 5 more squirts of butter & bake at 350' till golden brown. Only 195 calories & serves 4 as a side, or you can make it a meal & serve 2 for just 390cals & over 20grams of protien, which is what i will be doing tonight!
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