Monday, October 1, 2012


Enough of the excuses!
Enough of being unhealthy!
Enough of the junk!
Enough of the laziness!

I am freakin done!!!!

I got up this weekend & decided all this hard work that had taken me so far was not finished & I was not going to give up. I want to be healthier & happy & skinny!

So I gave myself the talk & I think my heart & my head are finally in it, till the end....i went out & bought myself a heart rate monitor & slapped this bodybugg back on my arm...let's do the damn thang!

Great weekend by the way...met up with my best girls for a Bodypump reunion! Loved it & I was sore as hell for the weekend....but the burn feels so good....hit up the beach with the hubs & kiddos & enjoyed a nice run sunday night!

I can do this & will finish this!

Have a great week...Skinny Turkey Pot Pie Recipe coming soon!

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