Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fun while it lasted...

I had high hopes for teaching at the gym....super excited since I taught at Lifestyle before it became La. I know a lot of the members and they were all thrilled to know I was taking over the classes that were once taught by the great Ashley. I've really enjoyed these past months...have even picked up a few more classes & even some followers that made all the bull@#%t I deal with,daily, worth it....till now! So today is the day I "flipped my gym the bird" ala Ashley. Yep, I quit...I didn't want to and I really felt like things would turn around but I have quickly discovered that the people I work for are garbage. The company itself is a joke & I would advise anyone thinking of joining to look elsewhere, spend the extra money on a gym that you enjoy & that actually appreciates your membership & have certified trainers for that matter.
Something better will come along so for now I'm back to workout with all the people that I've missed because those said people all left this horrible company months ago...

See all of you soon! I've missed you les mills!

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