Monday, November 26, 2012

Size 10, Here I Come...

Ok, maybe not but I'm closer than I was yesterday or last month, even last year. I found these pair of no-name brand jeans that are a size 10 & I had the brillant idea to squeeze my fat ass into them annddd take a picture annnndddd put it on the internet, what!!!! The goal here is to obviously fit into them, duh! I will do it! And too my surprise I wasn't nearly as far as I expected to be from being able to zip them up (thank god for skinny legs) about the only thing skinny on me....ever!
So here's my picture in all my glory & no bra...I know, I know... my boobs don't look half bad for 3 kids though...gimmie a break!

Great day for me today by the way. Ate well, didn't get a chance to shred it out but taught twice & attempted 40min of Greg's step class so I'm okay with that.

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