Thursday, December 6, 2012

Getting a freakin' schedule together...

It's hard work people! (thats what she said)
I have 3 children, 4 if you count my husband who all don't eat what I husband is one of those typical men that can eat a gallon of ice cream & lose 3lbs....have I told you how much I hate him? It's horrible...yeah, I's all about will power. If you don't keep it in the house, you can't eat it. LET'S GET REAL PEOPLE! It's just not possible all the time. For some, it's doable, for me, it's a nightmare. I am a; need a schedule & a plan kinda gal so I'm on it. Got my workout all planned and ready to go. Weights 3x/wk & Cardio 5x/wk giving me 2 rest days...I also am going to start making my brown rice, salads & quinoa ahead of time so that I don't feel like I am making 5 different meals...which u know is gonna happen anyways, ugh!
So with my plan in hand I will go forward...I may stumble but I won't stop...I won't give up...I just keep telling myself that this is a lifestyle change, this is not just a quick fix. I will lose this weight one last time & keep it off forever.

Remember, we can do this, you will not give up & we are worth it!

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