Saturday, December 8, 2012

I died this weekend!!!

Well obviously not literally or I wouldn't be writing this post...but figuratively I died. I attended the Les Mills Launch with all my besties & did 3 1/2hrs of nonstop workouts. If you're not familiar with Les Mills, you don't know what you are missing! Bodystep, Bodypump & Bodyattack are the usual classes we take and exactly what we did on that was brutal, amazing, painful, wonderful & tiring all at the same time. I usually describe these classes to people as, "you feel like you want to die, but once it's done, you feel great!"
So, Jess, the brains, let's just admit, the body, of our operation thought it best to make t-shirts with our nicknames on them...I, of course, don't have a nickname. Which obviously means I'm Greg's favorite ;). So we all met at 9am and made that gym our bitch!!! Jumps, High Knees & Superman's all over that place.
It was fantastic & at the end, we were exhausted and like I said, I died! Not the physical me but the emotional me, the fat me...I feel like this pushed me to a whole other level. I haven't ever done 3 classes, like this, in a row, and although there were parts that I didn't give my all just because of pure exhaustion, I completed all 3 classes! I sweat my ass off & had to change halfway through...
I have been looking for this motivation that I used to have...this want to be in the gym...this need to feel better about my food choices and I found it in the gym today, covered in sweat, legs burning, head & heart pounding...I found it. I'm not sure why it took me this long to feel like this or why it happened here & now but it did and I feel so impowered & energized & so ready to finish this journey I have been on...and although it's never really going to be over...I'm always going to have to go to the gym, have to eat right, but at least I'll be at a weight that I am comfortable with. Just have to keep going...
I started all over the next day, Sunday morning & Attack with the girls...I have my food prepped for the week; salads, veggies, brown rice, breakfast casserole. I also have my workout schedule ready to go....I will do this & finish this and you will too! It might take some time, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a few months but you will find it. That feeling inside you that makes you not want to give up & to work harder. Don't Give Up!
I leave you with lots of pics...and a new look on the's looking good!


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