Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Do you work?

I get asked a lot of questions...from, How often do you work out? What kinds of stuff do you eat? How much weight have you lost? What classes do you take? All great questions! Wanna know the one I hate? Do you work? The answer to that question is, no, I am a stay at home mom which, yeah yeah it's a job...hardest one out there...let me explain why I HATE that frickin question! It's because it is an excuse! Oh, you don't work so of course you can work out as much as you want too & of course you can watch what you eat....you can do anything you want to cause you don't work! Bulls@#$! I workout because I am motivated enough to do so & if I did work (outside the home, cause you can't tell me taking care of 3 kids ain't work. Come over to my house, I'll show you) I would find the time to get my workouts in. I eat right because I've eaten wrong for 29 years & I am tired of being a fatass! Like you, I am a working mom and although that work is done at home, it's still a job. I know plenty of women who are fit & just plain hott and they all work and still manage to get to the gym....

Working is not an excuse to not getting healthy. Make the time to do for you. That took me a long time to figure out & now that's what I do, because it makes me a better mom, wife & person in the long run....so don't ask me that question anymore... :)

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