Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fat Tuesday!

Becoming a mom....one of the best things that has happened in my life, by far my greatest accomplishment. You have all these ideas of how you will look & feel while pregnant. I was very confident before having kids, although I was overweight. Perhaps it was because I just assumed I would look so cute with this little belly & finally have an excuse for it. I'm not sure but I was pretty quickly slapped with a giant dose of reality that I am NOT a cute pregnant person....not even in the least! I got fat but not just in the belly...everywhere...legs, arms, neck & even my nose...it was not a pretty picture (pic below is proof) I can't really blame it on anything or anyone but myself. This fat girl ate everything and I had no worry about the scale & although it felt good at the time I wouldn't advise this. I was 190 when I got pregnant and was tipping the scale at 250lbs. Now people will say it was water weight or whatever....People! It was fat! I was fat! I hate looking at this photo...I am so mad for letting myself get that big...and yes, that skinny thing next to me is my husband. :)
I had a c-section delivery which wasn't as bad as I expected but I do have this lovely tire around the mid-section that wasn't as obvious as it was before....I yo-yo dieted & exercised a bit and did lose 45 of the 60lbs I gained in time to have baby #2 which is okay I guess. I do believe that this first heavy weight gain set me up for what I am going through now which is a struggle to lose the baby weight.

It's a struggle everyday but I stand here proud to look so differently now after 3 kids...hell, I look better now then I ever have. I'm stronger than ever, I'm more focused than ever. And I did that, I made the change...you can to!

06/2007, 4 days after c-section

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