Thursday, January 24, 2013

Keep your head OUT of the game!

You always hear coaches telling their players to keep their head's in the game....that's great advice, for some, for me...when it comes to running, I have to tell my head to stay out of it!
I've ran a few 5k's a year even at 220lbs I did these damn races...huffing & puffing the whole way but I finished...I also didn't run the whole way either. The furthest or longest I've run is probably only a few min (except for this past 5k where I ran a couple kilometers) I've always wanted to run longer but my head would start telling me "your tired, your legs hurt, you look stupid running, your too fat" Everything that I could think of would go through my head as I ran and I would finally give in to it all.....
Give in to the pain...
Give in to the embarassment...
Give in to myself...
But when I do all that I'm just giving in to the Fat me, the old me....what's the point of all this f@#'n work I'm putting in if I'm only giving in and going back?
I watch the biggest loser and a most recent episode the contestants ran a 5k. They are only 3 weeks in so they are still pretty overweight...anyways, these people ran that 5k and even the last contestant came in at 44 mins. I sat there & thought to myself, Why is it that they can run and I can't? They are all bigger than me, in worse shape than me. The answer is quite's because I tell myself I can't, just like I've told myself all these years.....Well not anymore! I got on that treadmill today and ran....ran through the thoughts in my head until eventually they went away. It's true what they say about that 2nd I got closer to it, I wanted to run further....I stopped though because I wanted to see how I felt & I felt good...I probably could have ran further and I did here & there the next 2miles I was on there but the great thing was those negative thoughts disappeared.....and that's a huge milestone for me!
My Lady Track Shack 5k is Feb. 2nd and my goal is to run that damn thing...the whole thing! I'm gonna do it. I know I will because those negative thoughts are just...well, thoughts....only I can get in the way of myself & I won't let that happen....I've gone too far to go back.
Push through the thoughts....You Can Do It!


  1. This is so true! Running is just as much a mind game as it is physical. Now that you've ran 2 miles you know you can do it. When those thoughts come up again just remind yourself that you've done it already so you know you CAN do it!

    Feb. 2 is the day of my first half! We will be running together!! Yay!! :o)

  2. Awesome! Keep me posted on how you do!