Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fat Tuesday!

Ahhhhh.....so here is a picture I hate, HATE IT! The hubby took it while at Seaworld and once I saw it I was disgusted. I look like one of the whales on display. This was the summer of 2010. Baby #2 was 15mos and I had just quit on myself. We talked about a 3rd baby but I told my hubby I wanted a year off so 2010 was supposed to be the year I got my ass in shape and as you can see from the picture...that did not happen. I let myself go...I gave up. I figured I'm fat and I was just gonna get fat again so I wasn't gonna worry about it.

Weight loss is something I have struggled with my whole life & it's because I always gave up....
I won't do that again because well, I won't have to. This journey I am on is forever. I will have to continue to workout, to eat right, to live healthy. I made myself promise to do this and I've come so far....I won't go back....that girl in the photo doesn't exist!

Don't Stop! 
Don't Give Up!

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