Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Race - Lady Track Shack

My second race of the year was today. This race benefits breast cancer & it's a really nice one for a few reasons; One, you get to run around winter park & look at all the beautiful houses. Two, it's an all women's run so you feel a great sense of impowerment around all these wonderful & brave women. And three, the best momma did it with me!

My mom has never done a 5k before so when she asked if she could tag along, I was surprised..and to be honest, figured she'd cancel on me. 3yrs ago (actually exactly 3yrs, wow!) my mom had a heart attack. It was the most scared I have ever been and the closest we've ever been to losing her. But she pulled through & is stronger than she thinks (which is what I said to her over & over again)

We started off strong, walking together. I eventually walked ahead and started into my jog....I felt good...although my hands were freezing...I ran into a fellow firefighter wife and walked with her into mile 1....I then sprinted ahead through mile 2 & thats when I saw my mom coming around the corner. We walked some more and as we hit the park I knew we were close to the finish. I sprinted ahead once more & crossed the finish line at 44min...Not the time I wanted but I ran most of this race and most importantly, did it with my mom. I'm so very proud of her! And proud of myself!

They say Day 25 of the New Year is usually when people give up on their resolutions...not this gal!

My next race is Feb.16th. It's a mud & foam obstacle course. This is going to be a challenging one but I'm up for it! And I'll be doing it with my best friend, Angie (we have been friends since 9th grade) Since we both turn 30 this year we will be proudly displaying Dirty 30 tshirts!

I'm gonna keep on track with this resolution just like I am gonna keep on track with my weightloss. Even though I have hit a plateau...I will push through....I will NOT stop.

Neither can you!

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