Monday, January 28, 2013

Skinny Recipes

I have some Skinny Recipes for you! First one is something I have made before...sorta on accident. I am an italian girl & I love me some chicken parm but it's loaded up with all sorts of things I just can't have. So I skinnied it up one night & I've been doing it this way ever since....

Skinny Chicken Parm: serves 2-3
1.5lbs Chicken Breasts (3 in a pack), cut up
1/4c Italian breadcrumbs
1tbsp butter
1c Marinara Sauce
Fresh Parsley
Pam cooking spray

Brown the chicken with salt, pepper and some of my Tastefully Simple Dried Tomato Garlic Pesto Seasoning. Once it's almost done, add the butter & breadcrumbs then last minute add sauce...and serve! Sometimes I eat this alone or put it over a little pasta. For 1 serving of the chicken it's only 271cals! What?!!!!

The next recipe is for cake...yes cake. Sometimes all I want is a piece of freakin' cake! So I found this on Pinterest....I'm's you go!

Skinny Cake: serves 12
1box of Funfetti Cake Mix (you can do any cake mix)
1can Sprite Zero (again, any soda will do but im trying to keep calories low)
Icing: 1/2container cool whip & 1/4c vanilla icing (for whole cake)

Mix soda & cake mix together & bake as directed. Once completely cooled, frost & enjoy! This bad boy is only 192cals per slice...yum!

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