Friday, February 8, 2013

What will you give up?

So my family is catholic but I've never really been...but I do try to give up something for Lent here & there. It's usually always some sort of food, which ultimately I stop & give in to temptation....this year is a little different. I've already given up so much this past year, like freakin' 65lbs! But it's here again & I'm always up for a challenge! So my give up for 40 days is...drum roll.....Sweets & Fast Food (well of course it would be food, lol)

Since doing away, pretty much, with soda I haven't really craved the sweets like crazy but every now & then I get that feeling of desserts. I do, on the other hand, do fast food often. Not always for me but the kids mostly. Why can't subway have a drive thru? Probably cause you get more exercise getting out of your car and walking into the store...but hey, with 3's so much easier for me to just hit a drive thru which then hits me at the stomach & hips! Ouch!
This is going to be hard because within this 40 day period is my husband's birthday & our anniversary...I may splurge and let those two days slide but only time will tell. I'm actually really looking forward to seeing how it goes. Usually when I go long periods without fast food/sweets, I feel better, of course, but when I cheat & have some I feel horribly the next day....

So starting Wednesday I will be sugar & fast food free!

What will you be giving up?
Please share it with me & let's try to be there for eachother. I will check in from time to time to see how everyone is doing on fb so keep your eyes peeled....

Remember, along this journey of ours we have all given up things. Those pounds are what really count & hopefully stay away for good!

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  1. This is a superb idea! I usually give up sugar for Lent and do see a change in my weight . . . so shooting for both of my "weight gain enemies" will definitely get the results I want. Thanks for sharing!