Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fat Tuesday!

I get on myself alot about how I don't look & feel any different. It's hard to see myself differently when this is what I have been looking at for years! So, whenever I need a reality check, I call Ashley first, lol then I try to find a picture of myself, the old self and it always cheers me up!

This is from about a year ago. I was just a few months into my journey and finally felt comfortable enough to wear a dress, a tank top dress at that. If you can believe it, I am only about 28lbs difference. That's because I have changed my body. All that strength training has done my body some good.

So this Fat Tuesday post isn't really so much about where I have been but where I am going....

I took a week off from exercise this week to, not only give myself a break, but to hopefully get off this plateau....yes, I've hit a few of these but this one has been the longest...about 3months. I'm going back at it hard sunday after some yoga & massage this week...I've also been low carbing it...anything to switch my body around, to confuse it. That way when I get back to it my body doesn't have a clue....

So in my future is more workouts, healthy eating & blogging...which, of course, will be for the rest of life...well at least the workouts & healthy eating. I'm so proud of how far I have come in the last year and how much further I will go in the year to come. I turn the Big 30 this year and I want to be at goal, which is 150lbs....I know I can do it....I will do it.

What's stopping you? Don't quit. The only person stopping you is you. I let myself get in my way my whole life....not anymore!

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