Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fat Tuesday!

I've been pretty down on myself lately...I started thinking about my journey and along the way I've had struggles, triumphs, plateaus & everything in between....but never something for this long. I've been stuck at 193lbs and it hasn't moved...except for the 1-2lbs up or down. I can't figure it out...i feel like I've tried everything. I even threw out the scale....
              Your probably saying to yourself, yes Morgan, we know...you wrote about this last week.....
I know, I know....but I still haven't gotten over it and it's been on my mind lately because I'm running a race on Saturday that terrifies me! I've been known to start things & not finish them....which is why I'm here now...30 almost, and still trying to get this shit under control!

Now this race on Saturday...it's a doozy.....it's called the Winter Park Road Race. It is a 2 miler & a 10k. You can do either or both. To do both is called the Distance Dare, 8.2miles. You get a shirt, souvenir glass, towel & a medal! I've never got a medal at any race so I had my eyes on that damn thing....and as usual my eyes were bigger than my stomach! 8.2 frickin miles? Really? What was I thinking....stupid me also told Ashley about it...aannnddd she made me a playlist so now I have to do it, ugh!

I'm so scared...not that I can't finish, cause I know I could finish (in like 6hrs) lol, but because of looking stupid, for being the only unfit person out there, for being slow or worse, being last...
 I always start things and I don't finish and that's sorta what this journey has been about...I will finish this race and although my journey will never really end...I will get to my goal, I will finish my race.... I will Face My Fear!


  1. You've done these before, albeit shorter distance, but it doesn't matter how long it takes you. What matters is that you're going to do it! And you know damn well you won't be the last person to finish! Have you ever been? You've done enough races to know that ALL types come out. I admire you for even signing up. The last two 5Ks I signed up for I was too hungover (and cold) to even make it to. Part of me thinks I did it on purpose because the last one I actually DID do, my time sucked compared to the one I'd done a couple months before. I was suppose to do THIS one too. But I didn't sign up because of the same reasons you posted here.. AND YES, I'm suppose to be the fit one, LOL.. Unlike you, I honestly just don't WANT to do it. You do and so you WILL!! Besides, you've already told the world :).. GOOD LUCK! You'll do fine!!!

    1. Thanks Dana,
      Kinda why I posted this here...hoping my blast to the world would make me accountable. I want to do it...and I will do it....cause Ashley would kill me if I didn't lol

  2. Think of the feeling you will have when you are finished! It will be an amazing high and you won't regret it :)

  3. Remember the phrase "no matter how slow you go, you're still lapping everyone on the couch." Seriously! It's very admirable that you're even going to attempt the race -- so don't stress about what other people think. You'll feel like a million bucks after you finish! Get that medal, girl! :)

    -- Emily @ runninglikeamother.com

  4. I'm new to your blog; but I really admire what you're doing here. It sounds like you need a few "Good for you Girl!" , "You can do it!" , "Get 'er Done!" 's! I, as a new reader, will shout them for you. Root for you on Saturday, in spirit of course! Just know while you're running/jogging/walking/crawling(which is what I would end up doing after 1 mile let a lone 8.2!) that you have a reader out there in the masses that's holding up that "Go Girl Go!" sign to cheer you on! I have a knee injury and am with you on the weight issue; it sounds like you have amazing motivation though. Keep your medal in your sights! I was going to wish you "good luck" but then I thought, "nah, she doesn't need luck -- she sounds like the kind of person to create her own luck!" So, instead I will wish you, Encouragement and Confidence! P.S. Just 2 more of my cents; Last place is more inspirational than 1st! --Maria

  5. You can do it! I'm the same way, I want that damn medal..whether i ran the whole thing or not lol! You will do great girl!