Saturday, March 23, 2013

March Race - Wp Road Race

Ever have an idea that sounds like a really good idea until you get to about a week out from that idea and suddenly realize you may have been wrong?

This started out to be one of those times and ended soooo Not how I expected.

I've known about this race for a while but really hadn't thought much about it. It's a 2 miler & a 10k or you can do both called the Distance Dare. Both races aren't really a 5k and that's what I set my goal to be every month this year. Then I found out you got a medal for the DD....I was in! Then about 2 weeks ago I suddenly wondered...can I actually do 8 miles? Would I finish it? Would I be dead last? I got more & more nervous as the day grew closer...
I got up this morning with a goal, to just finish! If I was last, it was Ashley said; "who cares if your last, you just did 8.2 miles!"
This chick is awesome!
Well luck would have it, just as the 2 miler started it was pouring! I ran through it...cold, wet & with no music...didn't want my ipod to get ruined. I finished better than I thought I would and had about 5min till the start of the soon as the bell went off, the rain stopped. It was still cold & I was still wet but I just ran. As I hit every mile I thought about my reasons for doing this (cause at the time, I really feel like I must be just frickin' crazy!)
I thought about all the times I had started something & quit. About all the points in my life where things got hard and I fought through them. I thought about how far I had come, how many awesome freakin' people in my life that pushed & made me really believe in myself. I also thought about my family and how excited I was to see them at the finish line cheering me on! I didn't run the whole race...I probably ran half of it but I still finished it and when I reached that finish line I was so proud of myself! I saw my family, so proud and got that damn medal I wanted!
Most importantly, I realized I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. This race also showed me what awesome friends I have! They sent me so many sweet messages and photos...cheering me on even though they weren't there...

I'm not at goal yet but in the meantime I'm hitting all these small goals I set for myself....and becoming more aware of what I can do if I just believe in myself & get it done! I earned that medal today...go get yours!
Distance Dare Complete: 8.2 miles