Monday, July 1, 2013

Motivational Monday: New Week....New Month!

It's Motivational Monday!'s also a New Week & a New Month!

I've said it before & I'll ay it again...Start fresh everyday! It doesn't matter how much you screwed up, just start each day with a better attitude. And most people do this when it's a new week & new's like a re-birth of sorts...a do over. Who wouldn't want that?

Maybe it's time to weigh in...
Retake those measurements...
Take new photos...
Cleanse the system...(I recommended the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse, of course ;)!
Clean out the fridge/pantry...

Whatever the case, start again. And if you have continued on in your progress with no hiccups, congrats to you man.....cause I like to eat have setbacks a lot. I think they are more frequent since school is out for my little one's. Makes it harder for me to stay on track. And mostly it's food related! Stupid food! My workouts have been on point though so Thank the Good Lord for that! Speaking of workouts, the bestie and I are trying out a hardcore workout plan this week...I'll post it on Friday after I see what we think!

Struggles's okay....we are not perfect. I find through the hard times, my best features show through. One of my greatest features is my determination! My husband will tell ya, when I want something I get it...and not without a fight. This goal is something I have wanted for a long time...more so than anything else. I will reach it, through the crappy eating & the not feeling like it will happen and if it doesn't go great every single day, I'm okay with that. That one step back is better than never starting at get up & start the day with a Brand New, Can Do attitude!

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  1. *applaus* I am a huge fan of starting over as many times as it takes to get you moving on the right track. I had a six year struggle with bulimia. I would try and try and try to get into recovery and I would fail and fail and fail. I could have resigned myself to being bulimic for the rest of my life but God was so gracious as to allow one of my "trys" to become the day I got into recovery and stuck with it. I will be celebrating 5 years of recovery next month. And now my efforts are put towards getting healthy and losing weight. No matter the screw up, the high food intake, the days I missed working out I continue to try and start fresh each day. Thanks for linking up. I greatly enjoyed your post. :)

  2. Perfect post! I think every woman needs to read this. I think we are all guilty of "messing up" and then thinking it's all over so we stay off track. New Day, New Week, New Month! Start NOW :) I read a quote the other day on Pinterest that said, "Yesterday you said tomorrow".

  3. "Brand New. Can do" attitude.... love it and find it highly motivational! This is my first week linking up with all you ladies and I look forward to many more. Thanks for the encouraging words!


  4. Great reminder to brush it off and kick some butt :)

  5. Love it! I need to get ready to kick some butt and take names too! LOL

  6. Your post is just what I needed to get myself re-motivated today. Thank you!!

  7. Thanks Ladies! I'm so happy that posts like this motivate you! It's so strange how putting my thoughts out there reaches so many people! Remember to come back wednesday and enter the giveaway!

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