Friday, August 23, 2013

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse-Halfway through

It's Friday and I'm 5 days into the cleanse and feeling good! The first couple of days with that fiber drink were rough, I can't lie to here's my Five on Friday for today:

1. I learned the hard way, 2 days in a row that you can NOT leave the fiber drink sitting too long before you drink turns to a gel like mush...I had to suck it up & get it down but I didn't make that mistake the 3rd day as I stood over the sink and chugged that damn thing down....I didn't have this trouble with the last round but I also had the peaches and cream version....

2. I feel bloated for the first day or so when beginning this cleanse....probably cause I have freakin 30oz of this jelly like fiber drink in my system....once you go to the bathroom, its all good....;)

3. I have not behaved with my dairy....I never realized how much I eat of it until you give it up...string cheese, yogurt, protien shakes, cereal...I've tried to just limit it to 1 serving a day.

4. Plan, Plan....and did I say Plan? It is crucial if you want to succeed....either with the cleanse or just in your weight loss journey in general....I did not prep for this cleanse till Day2, had I done it before I started I may have done better those first 2 days.

5. Do your best! I could get down on myself for not doing the best for the first 2 days but why?What would that help? It doesn't, so instead I chose to move on, prep & get my ass to the gym to make up for those unhealthy choices.

I have another 5 days...3 of which are that fiber drink again....chug, chug, chug. I have been doing an hour ( at least burning 450-600cals per workout) of working out everyday while on it, except Monday when I had to spend most of the day at the doctor with my middle. (1st broken arm) I've been posting pics of my food and will do a video of my step class tonight so you can understand the crazy wonderfulness that is Les Mills Step!
To the next 5 days.....

*P.S. this blog is about me....but its also about you....and I want to know what you want to read about. I am going to do a Q & A session, since I haven't ever done one! So send me your questions....about anything!

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  1. I'm a newer follower, and haven't read all previous I might have questions that have already been asked/answered.

    What made you want to lose the weight and get fit?
    What do your kids say, if anything, about how you look and looked then?

    I ask because my son is just going to be in pre-k, and said something unkind, and I realized I needed to really push myself getting fit :S