Saturday, August 24, 2013

My KettleBell Workout

I am a gym freak and I love my classes, but days like screaming & fighting, all 3 have colds & a freakin florida monsoon? This momma is not crazy enough to venture out so instead I grabbed my shoes & my kettlebell and gave myself a workout at home.
If you've never tried a workout with a kettlebell or aren't even sure what I'm talking about, this is a Kettlebell.
You can get them just about anywhere and I prefer them over handweights. Mine is a 15lb', 30+lbs ago when I bought this thing, this weight was in my fitter form, it's not heavy enough so I have to get creative and do more reps. I suggest this is the lightest you go if your trying it out for the first time...I am going to get a 25lb one over the weekend! is my workout. You can adjust the reps accordingly. You want to do each exercise in a row and repeat the whole set 2x. Little breaks in between each of the exercises are okay but nothing longer than 45secs. Make sure to do each rep to fatique. For some that may be 8 for others it may be 15.


Kettlebell Workout

Bicep Curls (hang your arms down by your side, stomach in, chest out, shoulders back, palm up and bring the bell up slowly, making sure your elbow stays pointing to the ground) 8-12 reps each arm

Shoulder Press (hand raises overhead with bell in hand, palm up, bell laying against knuckles, pull arm down slowly and turn to have palm facing you then press up quickly and forcefully) 10-15 reps each arm

Walking Lunges (kettlebell in hand as you lunge across the floor, keep hand straight down, keep legs 90') 8-12 reps each leg

Ass to the floor Squats (with feet wide, squat low to the ground with bell in both hands, hanging between your legs, slowly rise up about halfway then back down) 10-12 reps

Swings (stand with feet wide with the bell in both hands between your legs, squat lower and swing the bell up in the air so you end up standing straight, see video below) 12-15 reps

Have a great workout & keep the questions coming.....Q & A Session for Motivational Monday!

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  1. I've seen people at the gym take kettle bell classes, but it looks intimidating!