Monday, August 26, 2013

Motivational Monday - 1st Q & A Session!!!

It's a new week! And my first Question & Answer session....

I put it out there on the facebook page & instagram and you asked it goes:

How do you stay motivated?
It's hard to stay motivated...I won't lie. I have a husband who can eat anything & I stay home with 3 children who all eat different things and could probably stand to gain a few pounds. On any given day, my pantry looks likes this:

cookies, popcorn, crackers, gummies, sugar laced's a bit ridiculous.....most would say, "well, if you don't buy it, you won't eat it." Let's be realistic people, my kids aren't gonna eat half of what I want to eat....they are 6, 4 & almost 2...they want all this stuff because that's what they they eat everything & anything? No, they get treats & snacks in moderation. They want the stuff that tastes good, hell, I want the stuff that tastes I gave myself a shelf & try to load it up with things that I like so I won't be tempted. Motivation is something that I have to work on daily....more like hourly......sometimes I feel like my body, my head is telling me to just stop already! And there are days that I do and I eat very unhealthy things....I'm human. The one thing that has worked for me is to just not dwell in it. In the past I would let myself get so angry when I would eat badly that I would just continue to do just that....and pack back on the pounds. Now, if I have a bad meal or a bad day I just start again.....

What made you want to lose the weight & get fit? 
Originally it was to prove people wrong. I have family & friends who didn't believe that I would do it...that I could do it, so I set out to prove them wrong....along the way, that push to prove them wrong wore off and I had to find another reason, another motivator. That motivator became my family. My 2 oldest are girls & they started to do things I would do and say what I say and I didn't want them to end up like me...fat, lazy, unhealthy...I wanted them to be a mom they could be proud of, a wife my husband could be proud of. So I kept going....when that wore off, I had to get it into my head that I deserved this....that I needed this. So that's sorta where I am today...some days are better than others but I just keep going...along the way I try different foods or different workouts to make me more motivated. My biggest support is my Buddy System. All these awesome people are just people I met at the gym along my journey, but they have become my best friends. They are always there for me when I need it, when I need that extra push....You gotta get yourself some of these people!

What does your family/friends say about your weight loss if anything?
This is sort of a toughy.....My kids are kids....they say things you really don't want them to....My now 4yr old once told the cashier that her daddy had a, well ya know...needless to say he was red with embarrassment.....I'm a little weird when it comes to this, I sorta want to hear the truth believe it or not. But I also know the truth can hurt.....there are times when I wish my husband would speak up more about how fantastic I look but then I remember he doesn't even notice a haircut. I get the best reaction from people who haven't seen me in some time, and it's always nice to hear....It's also very nice being the skinny one at family functions which pretty much was never the case...ever! I try to get my kids to understand that everyone comes in all different shapes & sizes and we shouldn't say anything that may hurt their feelings. They get that now, and usually do there best to whisper that little something into my ear.

How to shop for your new body? How to shop while your in between weight loss goals?
This is also a hard one. I still find it very hard to shop for myself. I am smaller, yes, but my mind isn't. I still hold all these memories of being fat because that's all I have ever known so to actually shop and get something I think looks good, takes a couple of tries & opinions. I but a lot online now...I find it easier. I go by the measurements on the website and buy what I know will fit. I try not to look at sizes of stuff  much either. I want it to fit and make me feel good. If that means I have to buy a size that I don't want to then so be it. Every store has different sizes. I know that I can range from a 10 to a 14 all over the place.....I find the best thing to wear while your in between sizes are dresses. My arms aren't really a problem area and my momma always said you gotta flaunt what you go & I have me some nice boobs & nice legs so dresses work. Plus, you can usually buy a slightly smaller size in a dress...that always makes me feel better. I've liked some of the dresses I have bought of KiKi La Rue but I also love the Loft & Target.
Some of you may or may not know that I am a personal chef. Sorta got into it in between babies and I love I am full of recipes. I've posted some on here before but have really gotten into my weight loss and haven't focused on anything else. I am making a White Bean Panzanella Salad tomorrow for an event & I will post the recipe up with looks to be pretty delicious! I'm always up for suggestions.....if you ever come across something or have a question, send it over!

Snack Ideas?
I like snacks that don't take a lot of time or thinking....I usually do hummus or my new fav Almond Butter, Justin's with apples or celery. I use the GNC Amp Powder and that's usually something I have mixed and ready to go if I know I'm gonna be out. Pure Protein bars are another go to for me along with popcorn. I love microwave kettle corn, it is a weakness for sure. Yogurt or string cheese is easy too. I'm not stingy when it comes to using pre-packaged's super convenient and I haven't hoped on the clean eating bandwagon yet, although I probably should. I post a lot of what I eat on Instagram....yes, I'm that person that takes photos of her food......I do love fruit so every week I try to stock up.

Hope that answered some of you & if you didn't your question in on time, you can always email me! 

Now, head on over & check out my co-hosts!!!! I also am up as a sponsor on Operation Skinny Jeans. Jess is a cool girl on a mission! Check her out!


  1. I love Q and A!! And thanks for the shout out girly!!! :D

  2. I hate to cook so can you come on down to Nashville and cook up a ton of stuff and then I freeze it? Please and thank you! LOL

  3. It's hard when everyone around you can eat and not have to worry about their weight. Enjoyed the Q & A! It's fun to get to know you.