Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September Run - The Color Run

This month was another color run.....I love this run & it shows seeing as this is my 3rd of the year. I ran this one with my sis & a few friends. We decided to not dress up really...just go out & have fun and get Colorful! If this race comes to your area, do not pass it up! Even if you've never done a's not timed & it's super casual. Picture Overload coming at'cha...just prepare yourself!

My girl Ashley & I...and her hubs!
The sis and I after the Pink Kilo
My girls and I at the finish line

This is definitely one of those races you gotta do with friends! That being said, I posted this next pic on my personal fb page with the line:

 "We've come a long way haven't we?

It's pretty awesome to see how much we've changed

Before (during both our pregnancies)/After ( at the Color Run)

 ....and we've worked our asses off to get Here is a good means that I am doing what I set out to do less than 2 years ago. It hasn't come quickly or without some hard work but it's gotten me here and I'm proud of that!  

I start a new regimen today since I'm finally over all these little things that were stopping me....stupid cat! I'll post my workouts and what I'm doing and I'm gonna try not to look at the scale for the next 3 weeks YIKES! Hopefully I'll see some improvement in my strength training and my body.

Next Race: The Neon Run!


  1. I am doing my first 5K race Oct 12th and it is a The Color Run. I'm glad to know you enjoyed this one. I'm a little nervous but excited a lot too!

  2. They're doing the first Color Run in the city about 2 hours drive from where I live (in Australia) next month. I was thinking of going to it next year and asked my hubby if he'd like to do it. No enthusiastic response. But I might go. Looks like fun.