Thursday, January 9, 2014

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse-Day 9

I can see it...the light at the end of the tunnel....the cleanse isn't bad but for a non regular person like me, I hate it! I hate going to the bathroom a couple times a's super annoying and I'm sorta ready for it to be over.....

I cheated a bit sadly, I did the math and this cleanse would have had me ending the day of my 5k and I didn't want to do that to myself so I skipped 1 day in between meaning 1 less packet of probiotics & 1 less packet of the herbal cleanse tablets. I'm hoping it doesn't change anything and so far everything has remained the same. So I will end tomorrow instead of Saturday. So technically speaking this is my Day 9. 

I start Crossfit today! I'm super excited to try something I've never done before, more importantly, change things up. Today is just my initial appt. so they will be taking measurements & showing me what we will be doing. I have 7 more sessions after that and will probably keep them to once/week. 

As I said above, my 1st 5k of the year is Saturday, The Color Run! I did this race twice last year and it was so much fun. I will be running this race but also volunteering. I knew I wanted to be someone spraying color on the faces as they ran by so that's just what I will be doing! I will be out there for half the day which is why I needed my cleanse over, I will need my strength and carbs...think about volunteering for a race. The perks are you get to run the race and for free! I'm my case, I did end up registering because I wanted all the free goodies you got as a registered runner.

I'll put up cleanse results & race recap Sunday so Stay Tuned!

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  1. I know several people who are doing Cross Fit, and it's really an awesome thing! Kudos to you and anyone who gets involved in it!