Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Eleven Pounds

That's how much I'm up from the holidays....11 freakin pounds! 

Kill me now! 

For some, that's nothing and most would say that's not too bad for the holidays....for me, it's bad. I'm back to feeling self conscious, my clothes don't fit and I don't have any fat clothes anymore so I'm forced to shove my ass I to something that I just don't feel good in, I'm craving crap...All The Time! I do great all day and then eat garbage and I don't know why? It seems like a vicious cycle....I eat crap and feel yucky so I continue to eat crap and feel like never stops....well, for me, it has to. So I got back to work this week. I drank over 72oz of water today & stayed within my calorie intake. I'm not perfect everyday but I have to stop the garbage. I can feel things starting to go loose and flabby again and I don't want that to happen...

I've worked to hard to let it all start falling apart. I won't let it fall apart. I'm better than that. I'm stronger than that.

So, I'm moving along...trying to get my head and heart in the right direction...and get these stupid 11 pounds off, along with the rest if it. 


  1. You're not the only one. It takes a few days without junk before you start feeling better and in control. For me it's about 3 days. Hang in there!

  2. You can do it! I'm in a "funk" and I'm having a difficult time getting back on track with the same things you are. I still run but haven't been making good food choices and I can definitely tell the difference. Not sure if it's the cold weather or I've just lost my mojo but either way I've got to get it under control. You've started back on the right track and you can stick with it!