Monday, January 27, 2014

Motivational Monday!

This week is all about:
 Healthy Super Bowl Snacks!

I dabble in catering so I love food! And if you've read here for a while, you know I really, really love food...a lot! I'm also one of those; if your gonna have a piece of cake, have a real fat peice of cake, not that light crap kinda gal, so trying to healthy things up is sorta something I'm working on....I can Pin the hell outa some healthy stuff though ;)

Honestly, I look forward to who's performing at the Super Bowl, more than the actual game.

My go to's for any sorta sports watching party is usually geared toward the male that's usually

Chips & dip
Cheese plate
Cocktail dogs

So for healthy alternatives, let's start with these:

Fruit salad, I do mine with whatever's in season and too make it a tad on the sweeter side, add a tbsp of fat free/sugar free vanilla pudding powder.

Burger wise, I love Jennie O's turkey burgers. They are delicious & filling and usually I go without a bun and just pile on the veggies & ketchup. You can't go wrong

Nowadays, they make all sorta of healthier chips, so find one that you like and just do an easy salsa or mix up some Greek yogurt and one of those ranch powder packets. You could even dip some veggies into that.

Wings are actually your friend...skinless wings grilled with some garlic or lemon pepper and they are delicious. You could even opt for some skewered shrimp or chicken.

Skinnytaste is an awesome website I use often. You can search recipes and they even have a while section geared right toward Super Bowl.

Whatever your food choices, just try to eat smaller portions and's one's not going to wreck everything you've done to this point if you happen to overindulge, just make sure to start the next day back on track! 

Share your recipes with me! What do you skinny up for a party like this? Let's give each other some ideas!!!!

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  1. Great info! I love hummus and you can eat it with pita chips or just about any kind of veggie!

  2. This is great, considering every commercial I have seen lately is advertising "junk food" for the Super bowl! ( I'm Visiting from the blog hop by the way)

  3. Hummus is one of our favorite "dips"! And when you season a turkey burger just right it's heavenly!

  4. My family loves hummus too. I think I've seen this Super Bowl snack tray before somewhere else online. Thanks for sharing your healthy eating tips for the Super Bowl. Have a great Monday!

  5. That sandwich spread looks so good! I miss eating wheat! ha ha