Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School, Back to Work!

It's that time....can you hear it???? It's the sound of silence! That can only mean one thing.....The kids are back to school, woohoo!!!! I'm super excited, if you can't tell, and although I still have 1 home with me, I've already gotten so much done & it's just day one. I love back to school time...I feel like I can get back to a normal, regular routine, working out, back to cooking more at home. It's just a great time and honestly, it then heads into my favorite part of the year....Fall.....and when you live in Florida, you look forward to the fall.

So back to me, well I weighed in this am at 201.6lbs. I'm not happy about it but haven't done anything to change so I can't be mad at anyone but myself. I'm not a morning person so I've been easing myself into getting up at 6:30am so that I can get in a fasted cardio workout before the kids get up. I'm back with my macros after taking a slight break the last week just cause of the back to school craziness. My workout plans this week are to do 3 strength training days & 2 cardio days along with the fasted cardio every morning. I'm not going to be doing very many evening workouts so that I can be home wth the kids and husband and do the wifely things I'm supposed to cause that shit has been slacking.....

Anyone else find when they write things down they do better? I definitely do so I was so excited to see my journals come in today from May Designs! Have you heard of them? OMG, you need to check them out! They have sales all the time and I love their stuff. You can make it totally you & personalized. 

I'm working on getting a giveaway together for y'all here soon! In the meantime, head on over to their webpage and check out their stuff!

So what can you do today to make a change? I'm trying my hardest to get back on track and I know I have to make serious changes in order to do that. So what can you do today? Maybe take a walk? Make healthier choices or even something as simple as writing everything you eat down. It's the little things that make big changes down the road!

Have a great week!

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  1. I still type out my To Do List for work for my Daytimer every work day...and type grocery notes in my cell phone. So you aren't alone. :)