Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Color Run - Race Recap

On Saturday, the family and I did the color run. Now, I've done this race in the past & I've also volunteered but this time I was an ambassador! The ambassador program was given to a few of us in the central Florida area based on our applications, interviews and blog followers. They gave us free registrations and a coupon code to help people save on their own registrations. We also had a prize tier based on how many people used our specific code. Thanks to my followers on Facebook, the blog & with the help of my friends & family I got high into the tiers and was able to win a bunch of awesome gear! Including socks, a tutu, a hoodie, extra color packets & a gift card to their online store. If your approached in regards to applying for this program, do it! My experience with TCR has been nothing but positive and I love the races each and every time! 

So this year was the Shine Tour...which meant GLITTER! I was super excited and this time a bunch of my family did it with me! 

We seriously had a blast! If you've never done The Color Run, how it works is, every kilo they squirt a powdered paint all over you. They are really great with the kiddos so bring them with ya!

This year they added glitter and it was the last arch we ran through....from then on, glitter was just everywhere....

Then, once you cross the finish line, they launh a color throw where everyone counts down and throws more color in the air! It's super cool!

I truly love this run and the TCR family. If they come to a state near you, register for it......you won't regret it!

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